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About the Kids Benefit - Investment Trading Game

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Announcing the "About the Kids Benefit - Investment Trading Game" in the midst of one of the more challenging investment environments in history. Are you up to the challenge?

Pivotal Demand will host an online simulated investment trading game from April 3rd to April 28th through Wealthbase. This is a totally simulated game with no money involved. Simply an opportunity for gamification and fun with your colleagues.

For the first 20 players that sign up and play, Pivotal Demand will donate $20 per player to the Royal Family Kids, a charity that supports abused and neglected children. Pivotal Demand/ I would like to do my best to increase donations to this cause.

A link will also be provided for other game players to donate to this important cause. A co-mission of Pivotal Demand is to contribute to key societal improvement efforts such as great causes like the Royal Family Kids.

In signing up for the game, you are welcome to use your actual name as your username or create a totally anonymous username.

The winner of the game will receive a "To Be Announced" prize following the end of the game.

Again, the first 20 players that signup will have a $20 donation contributed by Pivotal Demand in their name. In order to qualify as one of these 20 players, please add comments to this post with the words "I'm in" in the comments section below or DM me and the first 20 "I'm in" notifiers will qualify.

Join the fun by signing up via the below link - Only 11 days away so don't wait:

Again, Please be sure to add to the comments below with "I'm in" in the section below or DM me if preferred and signup for the game to be 1 of the first 20 to have Pivotal Demand make a donation for each of the first 20.

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