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About Pivotal Demand - Scott Poore

Pivotal Demand collaborates closely with company executives and sales teams, crafting and implementing strategic and tactical frameworks aimed at propelling sales revenue to new heights. Our expertise spans a spectrum of areas, encompassing sales process refinement, comprehensive coaching and mentoring, and the seamless integration of sales execution enhancements. With a commitment to adaptability, we deliver personalized, hands-on services meticulously tailored to your organization's unique requirements. As a results-focused sales elevation practice, Pivotal Demand consistently delivers transformative value, catering to businesses in various stages of development, whether they are embarking on their sales journey or are already firmly established within the market.

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Scott Poore

Proven Sales Growth Executive Specializing in Startup Cloud Sales Practice Services, Sales Team Building & Turnaround Sales Outcomes

With over 18 years of invaluable experience in Sales and Sales Management, collaborating with the foremost global enterprises, Scott Poore adeptly harnesses a wealth of proven leadership strategies and methodologies to fuel successful outcomes and flourishing sales approaches. My expertise encompasses elevating cloud sales achievements and fostering an atmosphere of unwavering, enduring expansion, all while being deeply engaged as a hands-on player/coach.

Mission of Giving Back

Pivotal Demand is dedicated to crafting ideal settings for organizations to connect with audiences through compelling narratives about their enterprises, all while actively contributing to essential societal betterment initiatives, particularly those focused on children's charitable causes.


Recognizing the far-reaching impacts of the global pandemic on our youth, many of which may only become fully apparent in the months and years ahead, Pivotal Demand is steadfast in its commitment.  Pivotal Demand proudly allocates a portion of funds raised to esteemed children's assistance programs, extending a helping hand to specific initiatives that make a meaningful difference in young lives.

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